Thursday 29 November 2012

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Crowmarsh Gifford

First impressions in comparison with
  • Not as clear geo-tagging on 360cities
  • Nice to have a compass, but hard to see how to set it correctly - North is actually West
  • Proximity of other panoramas and thumbnails is a bit intrusive
  • Launch perspective is better (less extreme wide angle) than panoramicearth
  • Resolution is pretty poor. I think it gets better if you pay.
  • No stats on 360cities
  • More useful commercialistation on 360cities 
  • Pixel accurate embeds on 360 cities


  1. Nice site. Clicking the arrows is neat.

  2. Ah, The red phone booth. Reminds me of when Hyacynth Bucket (boo kay, That's right B U C K E T boo kay)stopped to make a call.

    I spent a few hour of my vacation watching Keeping Up Appearances. Perhaps my favorite TV show.

    1. Another downside to 360cities: they populate your panoramas with other people's arrows! I suppose it IS the community-minded thing to do.