Thursday 3 November 2011

Old Labour

I don't suppose a photo blog is the best place to advertise failure, but this one's interesting - and I learned quite a lot:

Committee Room G, resplendent under four dim overhead lamps
Last week, I had the good fortune to be asked to take some photographs of a presentation and discussion by Lord (Roy) Hattersley and political academic Kevin Hickson. The meeting was in a committee room at The House of Lords and was organised by The Political Qarterly, publisher of their jointly-penned article, In praise of social democracy. Worth a read - it is about equality.

As you can see, Committee Room G is small and dimly lit. By the time 60-odd people were seated, there wasn't a huge amount of room to move about. I'd decided beforehand that flash would have been much too intrusive. Even the noise of the camera shutter seemed to bounce of the walls and fill the room. So much for being inconspicuous. Even with a monopod, I was trying to take pictures at ISO 3200, 1/15s, f5.6. Tip for next time? Set up some flash photos before or after the meeting!

In the end, I grabbed a few key frames, gave up, sat down, and listened to Roy, Kevin, John Denham MP, Helen Goodman MP, the Guardian's David Walker, Neil Kinnock, Austin Mitchell MP, Lord (Neil) Kinnock. I have never heard so many politicians talk as much sense in such a short space of time. See what I mean about old labour?

Roy Hattersley and Helen Goodman MP enjoy an off-mic moment of merriment

John Denham MP, Dr Kevin Hickson and Roy Hattersley

Quote of the day: when asked if he'd mind being photographed, Roy Hattersley said,
"Dear boy, did you ever meet a politician who didn't like having his picture taken?"

Thank you Emma for inviting me along.
Photoshop for helping me rescue a few pictures.
The House of Lords procurement department  for an excellent bottle of red.

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