Friday 11 November 2011

David the Harp #2

Another day, another learning curve. I've never really done formal portraits except of family and friends. When I got the opportunity to photograph David Tomlinson with his harp, I thought it would be daft not to have a go.

Last pic of the day
I managed to 'borrow' a morning in the de Morney room at Howbery Park. Plenty of space and just enough natural light to work by. It is a conference room in its spare time, so the big projection screen doubled as a very useful reflector.

The taking is half the story, the rest is in the edit. I got about 40 useful frames out of 210. Balancing available light with a moving target on a dull November morning risks shake - and I got plenty of that. I'm sticking with black and white for this post because, well, sometimes when you take the colour away, you're left with something closer to the truth.

Cunningly placed copy area, top right

Big thanks to Angela Andrews at Howbery Park for the use of the room.

Feel free to wade through the colour work here.

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