Tuesday 17 January 2012


For my money, this is the most visually appealing part of the process (no pun intended)

Weapon of choice - Opinel. There isn't a quick way to shred peel, so a light but sharp knife works best for me
Lots of pith, not much flesh, don't be tempted to taste the bitter juice. Also, best kitchen gadget ever - a beechwood juicer
The muslin cloth is lost so Robin's sling from his (now mended) broken arm stood in
Jarleks in the decontamination chamber
New toy takes the guesswork of when to stop - in about 16˚C, by the look of it
New toy number two. Uncanny how clean the jars stay using a tundish
Labeling or a typecast? Any excuse to use a typewriter, a 1950s Olympia SM3 in this case
A convoluted but relatively exciting and unusual recipe for this Bitter Seville Orange Marmalade.
I've been using the same recipe for several years and it comes out different every time. Out of the 10 jars, I put a capful of scotch in six. Sounds so wrong. Tastes so good.


  1. Neat. I like the idea of a shot of Scotch. Sounds delicious. The Opinel knife is my choice. I have several of several sizes, razor sharp just like when I first removed them from the box. Many of mine are at least 25 years old. Best knife made.

    1. Yes, I got a larger version as a camping knife but I'm also quite keen on my Leatherman Juice for less culinary pursuits. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about something a bit more bloke-ish after spending much of the day in a kitchen :-)

  2. Orange marmalade is one of the finest achievements of British civilisation. And with scotch, it's most definitely for blokes! (Or guys, as we say on this side of the pond.)